Towards Understanding Revelation

Tag: Robert Govett

  • 5/10/23 REVELATION 1:1b, PART 3

    5/10/23 REVELATION 1:1b, PART 3

    We’re continuing in the 19th century, looking at the second phrase, “which God gave Him, to show His servants”: “…the closing book…is called, in distinction from the others, ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ.’ It contains the ‘many things’ he had to say to his disciples, in addition to those recorded by the evangelists; but which…

  • 12/15/22 REVELATION 1:1a, PART 3

    12/15/22 REVELATION 1:1a, PART 3

    We’re still in the 19th century, looking at the first phrase of the first verse: The Revelation of Jesus Christ. “The name applied to this book is instructive, though I must say not a few Christians practically interchange it with another name of opposite import. The first half of the one name is like that…