Towards Understanding Revelation

As I said in my first blog, I’m a retired RN. At the time that I retired in 2019, I had already spent a couple of years taking a lot of online classes on topics such as: photography, film making, graphic design, and music production. Once I retired I threw myself into the classes full time for about 18 months. Then I started trying to actually do things.

I got myself a camera and started taking pictures. Lots of pictures. I even learned how to use Photoshop. Then, I started using Photoshop to do graphics.

I was already a singer/songwriter who was tired of playing out, so, with the help and tutelage of my music engineer husband, I produced a CD of original Christian music. And I did the cover graphics. I’ve also made videos for some of those songs, plus a few of my other songs not on the CD, and those can be found on my YouTube channel, or on my website: The CD is also available on the website.

Since finding Jesus I’ve been doing frequent Bible Studies, both in person and online. As you’ve probably figured out, I’m pretty driven and hate being idle. Revelation has always intrigued me, and as the world has been changing in ominous ways, I figured it was time to dive in.

I’m still making music, music videos, taking pictures, and working on an illustrated video for the story of a friend, but this Revelation Study is taking up the main part of my day. It’s time I started sharing it. My fondest wish and prayer is that those who need it, will find it, and that it will help them as much as it is helping me.


Let’s explore Revelation together.