1/7/23 REVELATION 1:1a, PART 5

And still in the 19th century:

The Apocalypse is the mystery of Christ, or the mystical account of His kingdom from the day of Pentecost till the day of Judgment; not strictly predictive, but interweaving the past, present, and future as seen of God. There is a Divine dignity in the opening words, as in St. John’s Gospel and general Epistle.” [from THE APOCALYPSE WITH NOTES AND REFLECTIONS, by Isaac Williams, 1873]

Mr. Williams is harkening back to earlier times, stating that Revelation is about the history of the Church. At least he sees that Revelation has some future events, though “not strictly predictive.” It’s funny, but I don’t think I’ve ever read about any other Bible prophecy being “not strictly predictive.”

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