Towards Understanding Revelation

Category: 19th Century

  • 5/2/23 REVELATION 1-1b, PART 2

    5/2/23 REVELATION 1-1b, PART 2

    We’re starting today with the writer that I thought was kind of a shyster in his approach.  I looked him up, and he was actually an Irish Puritan (~1617-after 1660). Apparently he was just trying to attract attention.  Here’s the quote: “Of Jesus Christ which God gave him]  God may be said to give it…

  • 1/13/23 REVELATION 1:1a, PART 6

    1/13/23 REVELATION 1:1a, PART 6

    We’ll start today with a simple observation: “The Revelation…The word, according to Jerome on Gal. i.11,12, is peculiar to the Scriptures, and is not used by Greek classical writers.” [from THE CAMBRIDGE BIBLE FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: THE REVELATION OF S. JOHN THE DIVINE WITH NOTES AND INTRODUCTION, by William Henry Simcox, 1891] But I…